SpIntellx is a computational and systems pathology company providing explainable AI (xAI) guides to pathologists and biopharma companies

Our Technologies


We are developing novel Explainable AI tools, HistoMapr™ and TumorMapr™, with the aim of providing personalized spatial intelligence to pathologists and biopharma companies.

Whitepapers: HistoMapr & TumorMapr

Additionally, as our spatial knowledge-base continues to grow, we plan to create and house a proprietary database based on spatial analytics.



We are developing HistoMapr, a computational guide for pathologists, which automatically recognizes and classifies regions of interest (ROIs) in H&E-stained and/or immunohistochemistry slides with the goal of improving the accuracy and efficiency of pathologists.

Interested in HistoMapr? Read the whitepaper here…



We are developing TumorMapr, which analyzes the spatial interactions of biomarkers within whole slide images using multi to hyperplexed fluorescence. The goal of TumorMapr is to predict patient outcomes to better provide personalized therapeutic strategies, as well as to generate real-world evidence for developing prognostic and companion diagnostics.

Interested in TumorMapr? Read the whitepaper here…

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